Pankaj Kumar Singh

Consultant Clinical Ocularist

Pankaj kumar Singh, B.OPTM

Pankaj kumar singh is a qualified and experienced Ocularist trained under the supervision of world renowned Ocularist Dr Kuldeep Raizada ,B.C.O, B.A.D.O at International prosthetic eye center,Hyedrabad in year 2010. Pankaj kumar singh has done his basic studies in optometry at NSHM Knowledge campus Durgapur , India. He has also done Clinical Internship at Delhi’s Best Eye hospital Dr Shroff charity eye hospital, Daryaganj in clinical optometry and there he also had the opportunity to establish the Ocular Prosthetic clinic and there he worked as Consultant Clinical Ocularist for the tenure of 3 years where he has managed lot of difficult cases along with a renowned Oculoplasty surgeon Dr Sima das .
He has also worked as consultant Ocularist International prosthetic eye center at Delhi branch for two years where he was actively serving the patients from north India and the international patients too. He has presented so many papers in various national conferences and also actively participating in all national and international conferences and improves the work according to the international quality.
He is very much passionate about crafting customized prosthetic eye with very much positive attitude.

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials used in making the eyes?

They are made using dimensionally stable, medical quality PMMA (Acrylic). This material is compatible with being surgically inserted into the body; therefore allergies to the material are highly unlikely.

Will my prosthesis look like my other eye?

Yes, the prosthesis looks very natural. The colour and on appearance are made to match your other eye.

What kind of result can I expect?

Result varies from person to person and depends upon the factors such as age, type of surgery/implant and general condition on eye socket.

Can A Prosthetic Eye Move Like A Normal Eye?

Movement of the artificial eye depends on the type of implant surgeon selects when replacing the eye that is removed. When the eye muscles are attached to these implants at a time of surgery, some of there movement are transfer to overlying prosthetic eye which allow the artificial eye to move.

Is the application of prosthesis painful?

In adults, or corporative subjects, the fitting is not at all painful.

When will get my prosthesis?

In six weeks after your surgery you will be fitted with a temporary prosthesis at the ocularist’s office. On our second visit approximately a year later, you will be fitted and received your permanent prosthesis.

How often should I remove my prosthesis?

In the case of enucleation, routine removal of ocular prosthesis is not recommended. As long as the prosthesis remains comfortable, it should not be removed.

Will people notice that I have an artificial eye?

Patient’s results vary from case to case however many people have artificial eye and successfully conceal this from public (and in some cases, even from close family and friends!). Please share any concerns you have regarding the result of your prosthesis with your ocularist at our center.

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